Monday, May 31, 2010

Global day of Prayer @ Stadium melawati.

Hi people over there, how you doing? I'm going great. I've been neglecting my blog for few weeks. ummmm, so many stories to tell and ofcourse so many picture to share that speak a thousand word ! But today, I'm going to blog the day of 23th may.

Are you ready to read this guys? If yes, scroll down your mous
e then! haha.oh-craps.

Last sunday, me and few church members headed over stadium melawati @ shah alam for the Global day of Prayer. Unexpected, the people who are attended this event is more than I thought. Like so 'WOW' ! Don't you believe that? wait,
I show you a photo.

See, I told you !
The stadium is packed with the people came from different church, nation & culture. This is so amazing. and i was like, wow, wow and wow for every second. This is the first time I joined this kind of event that involving so many christianity. I'm so excited when I entered in the stadium ! I can feel the joy, happiness and the gratefulness is running inside the stadium. We lifted up our voice together, pray together and shout for Jesus name together! this is really amazing guys if you're there to feel what i feel. What can I say is the atmosphere is awesome..God presence..God is real amazing, nothing is impossible for Him. He is the Prince of Peace..

God is so good !! Lord i give you all my soul and all my heart... I want to praise You and worship You Lord Jesus. You're so great

One people, one voice, One God. Don't stop praying for global revival. Oh mighty Lord , heal our land.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The air I breath.

First of all,the dream begins with a teacher who believes in you..who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau...sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth..Thanks for all the teachers who has guiding me since I'm in kindergarten and all the way till who I am today..HAPPY TEACHERS DAY..And Tomorrow, the 3 tough weeks begin. Which mean is exam starting tomorrow onwards till 4th of June, just a note to say GOOD LUCK for all the students who's sitting on exam tomorrow. Wish you all the best. i believe,God will give us wisdom and strength too all of us. God bless and Bye till i see you again bloggie :)