Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Heart.

Glad that Leehom is back for his new album and movie (Love in disguise) . He'll be coming on this sunday at One-U on 7 pm. And I'm addicted to his new song. I mean * All the things you never knew * . Feel free to listen, nice song and touched. Emo come in sudden...

How often does the wind blow your smile away?
How often do you let it?
and when its finally gone do you slowly start to regret it?
Regret letting the little things cause you so much pain
allowing the people around you to slowly drive you insane
You cant stop the pain its just a part of life
but you can pick what you let effect you and what you allow to cause a strife
if you fall you get back up so dont crawl stand on your feet
give a blank expression and dont let your emotions defeat
My heart feels grief, my ego feels a sense of grievance.
In our world, we believe we have to have reasons for our feelings. It's so much easier, for most of us, to embrace righteous indignation, to imagine justifying our pain or anger in a mental court of law, than to get in touch with the depth of our negative feelings and move on.

Sometimes I wonder, if you realize, just how much
you mean to me.
I never seem to be able, to put into words, the love I feel for you.
Stay in my world, so that, I, will always know, just how much you mean to me.

when you feel your gonna break for something unworthy of your time..
i hope that you'll rememeber how long it takes to fall from a tree you had to climb..
just think it through and take a deep breath..
and remember life without death....
The heart, our biggest strength, yet our biggest weakness.

God bless you all abundantly.
Much love, from me.

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