Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hellooo. x

Helloooooooo everyone [ who ever may read this]
Seems like time literally flys by these days, cant believe how quick a month goes by.
Keep meaning to write in blog and well, you know how it can be lol, tomorrow,,,, tomorrow... tomorrow...well tomorrow has finally come today.
I'm doing great this few days, since my last post. and now what I'm going to blog about?
Hmm..alright, let's talk about " TRUST " . Just another idea..

Some people always says..

What is trust?

How is it achieved?
How do you know when you trust someone?
How do you know when they trust you?

Trusting not just the person themselves but their feelings, trusting that person will do the right thing at the right time.
Trusting in situations, in people’s ability to stay true to themselves and everything they have ever told you the believe in.
Trusting in yourself, letting yourself go and be free, to trust YOU will do the right things, at the right time.
In order to trust there has to be an element of responsibility, if trust is broken, someone has to be accountable. Whether it’s another human being or yourself. I suppose in all honesty I’ve never really understood the concept of trust... No, that’s not true, I’ve understood it on a very basic level. You tell someone something, you trust they’re not going to tell anyone else. You love someone, you trust they’re not going to do anything to hurt you... But that’s easy trust. Hopefully at an early age we learn that people who love us wouldn’t hurt us. By our teens we learn that our friends can keep secrets (or that SOME of our friends can keep secrets).
Trust on a deeper level, I believe I am just starting to learn. Trusting myself to make the right choices, because if I don’t, or if I fail to make choices at all, I will have done myself an injustice. I will be accountable for a lesser life that I feel I deserve. Trusting other people, that they too will make the choices that fit for them, and for me. And most of all trusting that things will work out as they should in the end.
To utterly trust something, there has to be something to lose, sometimes there is a high prize at stake, something truly scary to lose in a gamble.
Maybe I’m just spouting rubbish this late midnight, feeling slightly sick. I suppose without trust we have very little, because we have to trust in something.... If anything we have to trust in ourselves. If we don’t trust ourselves, what do we have?

Conclusion is, Without trust there is nothing.

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